Wakin' up with Danny

Thank you for all the happy comments. I love you all.

"having a good cup of Joe and getting the ole fashioned morning news with a digital spin" -discoverpods.com

"i didn't want to get out of bed. i just wanted to stay with you. forever." -@stephencelis

"One morning I woke up cold, and then I turned on Wakin Up With Danny - I felt warm, fuzzy, secure. Thanks for the warmth." -@jen13walt

"I need THIS on the radio every morning." -Rob Lund

"Thank you for the in depth coverage of the Seattle weather, I appreciated that." -Darcy Bowers

"holy. crap. YES!!!" -John Ostler

"Just listened to it and LOVED IT!!! Woohoo!!!" -Bill Wright

"waking up with Danny rocks my morn!!" -Monica Moore

"Waking up with Danny elucidates my morning! Did I use that right? Probably not." -Kelsey Galyk

"Terrestrial radio has 'live and local', so you're innovating with 'delayed and global'. The market is HUGE!" -@tsaylor

"I wish every podcast I listened to was as high quality as yours." -@f4nt

"you're hilarious!" -@Chaseedaw

"my fav quirky news podcast -- (Just as good mid-afternoon btw)" -@PJLikePajamas

"it's as addicting as serial was on Thursdays." -themonilove

"wakin' up with danny makes me wish the week were only one day long so i could wake up with danny every day." -a friend

"You definitely started my day off with a happy note!" -Paula Cox

"Loved it!" -Kie Cochran

"This is so obnoxious!" -Justin Skolnick

"my first impression is that [this]...is almost unlistenable like really bad... all the bad singing.. and then generic weird music... all just sounded like noise... when you are speaking the audio was good then i fast forward a bit and you went back to all the weird singing and music... so i just stopped it... im not sure how many people are interested in having their forecast sung to them... just my two cents.. good luck" -DesignTraveler

"This episode ruined my life.... What the fuck is happening?" -@davidcelis